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Energy Forecasting

High accuracy models perform energy forecasts in photovoltaic power plants. These models use the latest techniques of Machine Learning that consider the localized weather and the historical energy yield of the power plant. Our system provides various types of visualizations to summarize critical insights for the O&M team. The platform also allows for analyzing the portfolio at the investor level, calculating personalized metrics, and technological integrations with the client's SCADA system. Our models provide 60% higher precision than other providers. 

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Predictive Maintenance

Suncast applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to estimate the soiling in photovoltaic modules. Our alert system assesses losses, schedules cleaning and evaluates weather while generates alarms in case of rainfalls. We build this system thinking to maximize the profitability of solar power plants.


Service Features

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Artificial Intelligence

Optimize the performance of photovoltaic plants using Artificial Intelligence.


O&M Allies

We contribute to increasing the power plant profitability, decrease costs, automate critical tasks and achieve goals.


Regulatory Compliance

We adapt our system to comply with regulatory compliance for each country.

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Software Integration

We work remotely without installing any device on site.

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  • High Accuracy Forecasting: Suncast develops advanced forecasting models providing lower forecasting errors than other providers.

  • Direct Submission to Regulators: Suncast is capable of sending automated Energy Forecasting directly to your electric regulators.

  • Local Provider: Suncast provides support in your time zone.

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About Us


It started in 2017 to create digital services for supporting the duties of the O&M team in renewable energy power plants. It achieved commercial agreements with national and international companies, including Revergy, the first customer in the O&M segment, a contract for the multinational Acciona, and the software integration agreement with ABB in Chile. In 2020, Suncast provided services for a total of 850 MW, equivalent to 28% of the Chilean installed solar capacity; we had worked with seven clients and 13 PV plants in Chile and Mexico.

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ABB in Chile and Suncast signed an agreement to integrate A.I. into renewable energy projects.

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Main Clients and Partners

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