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Suncast wins Pitch Session Deeptech Soft Landing Week in Germany

Suncast is the winning startup of the Pitch Session Deeptech Soft Landing Week byKarlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), which will allow the Chilean company to enter the German market.

In 5 minutes, the company of Technological Innovation for Renewable Energies, presented itself in front of an important jury whose evaluation criteria were the business model, the technological development phase, financial planning, customer benefits, sales, the founding team and the general impression of the speech.

The panel of global technology experts consisted of Christos Klamouris of Axel Energy; Ralph Henn of EnTechnon; Dr. Gernot Berger of High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH and Bernhard Janke of LEA Partners.

For CEO Constanza Levicán, the importance of entering the German market lies in "the regulation of the German electricity market is 10 years ahead of Latin American markets, so it serves to understand new business models that could be implemented in Latin America in the future.”

"At Suncast we have a global vision to go after some of the most important solar markets worldwide. Germany is one of them. This program allowed us to learn about the German market in an intensive week applied to KIT's high-tech hub. In addition, in the personalized mentoring sessions with German VC's we improved Suncast's pitch and discussed both the potential market and investors that this country offers to technology startups like Suncast".

Meanwhile, Sofia Del Sante, Trade & Innovation Representative, ProChile Munich, said that in ProChile Germany they are happy about the award achieved by Suncast because innovations in renewable energies are a priority. "As ProChile Germany we are very happy with the selection of Suncast as one of the two winning companies in the KIT program. Both Chile and Germany are markets where the energy sector is a highly relevant industry, so supporting the development of innovations in renewable energy is a priority.

Shee added, "For us this recognition is proof that Chilean cleantech has opportunities in Germany. We hope that this marks an important milestone in the expansion of Suncast to the German market and that in the future more Chilean innovations in the sector can access this type of opportunities and thus scale more Chilean solutions of high added value to the European mark.”


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