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Suncast confirms business opportunities in Europe and accelerates expansion plan

After a month that presented the commercial mission that Suncast undertook in Europe, the startup that applies artificial intelligence to renewable energies reports that it confirms the interest of French companies, mainly, for the solutions that it currently offers in generation forecasting and predictive maintenance of plants solar and wind.

Among the main companies with which Suncast had contact during his stay, the French Engie, Total Energie, CVE, the French Center for Alternative and Atomic Energies (CEA) and the Regional Agency for Economic Development of the Occitanie Region in the southwest of France, as well as ABB's Swedish SynerLeap accelerator, among others.

Constanza Levicán, CEO and founder of Suncast, explained that "the European market was always within Suncast's strategy, however, we have decided to advance the expansion decisions since in this context of energy crisis that is being experienced throughout the world , and mainly in Europe, there is an urgency on the part of companies to optimize the operation of power plants, as well as to accelerate the installation of new renewable energy parks”.

Suncast detected a particular interest in the Soilling Service, especially in the South of France, because given the climate of this region, there is high irradiance and wind speed, and consequently, high solar photovoltaic and wind installed capacity. Finally, in order for energy generation companies to remain competitive, they have created specific work teams to analyze the performance of generating parks.

It should be noted that Suncast's visit to Europe was part of the acceleration program for the Trophée Startup award, given by INRIA, the French Embassy, ​​Business France, and the French Institute of Chile, and sponsored by AirFrance, Engie and BNP Paribas.


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