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Suncast History

In 2017 Suncast began to create digital services to support the duties of the O&M team in renewable energy plants. This has allowed the company to participate in recognised events worldwide and achieve commercial agreements with five well-known energy companies. Suncast currently offers services to a total of 1,312 MW; distributed in 12 photovoltaic power plants and 2 wind power plants. And as of 2023, it is expected to consolidate services in both the Chilean and European markets.

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Avonni National Innovation Award in “Energy” and “Female Innovator” categories

The Avonni National Innovation Award is an honorary award hosted by the “Foro Innovación” foundation, co-hosted with “El Mercurio” newspaper and “Televisión Nacional” television network since 2007. As of 2021, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation began collaborating with the event.

Suncast’s outstanding participation in the depelopment of technology applied to renewable energy sources was awarded the 2021 Avonni National Innovation Award in the “Energy” category, while Constanza Levicán, CEO and founder of Suncast, was awarded in the “Corfo Female Innovator” category.

INRIA Trophée Startup award

Suncast was awarded second place at Trphée Startup 2021. This award highlights Chilean startups that have a high potential in growing internationally and provides the opportunity to discover the French market and its innovation and sales environment.


On the visit to France, Suncast participated in the Acceleration Program for startups held by Paris&Co, later visiting the INRIA's Research Center specialised in Artificial Intelligence, the International Energy Agency (IEA), the National Solar Energy Institue (INES) in Chambéry and attended Viva Technology, which is the biggest European forum dedicated to startups.

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